The Anarch Movement exists, as an entity, entirely because the Camarilla give it both a purpose and a (relatively) safe haven in which to pursue that purpose. The smaller subsect is in many ways defined by the larger. It is true that the anarchs wish to birth a more equitable system of Kindred society, even to the extent of creating a governing body of undead, buyt they are still shaped largely by their desire to rebuild the old one. Wise anarchs recognize, however, that this must be done from within rather than from without, for the Camarilla not only provides the building blocks for the anarchs' future society, it insulates the movement from the other, far more dangerrous enemies. Anarchs not wise enough to recognize that fact are probably ignorant of those outside threats anyway.

Those anarchs who actually manage to obtain something in the way of status in the Camarilla itself - not the chameleons specifically, but simply those who have succeeded at playing the political game in hopes of changing the sect -- are subject to their own particular Faustian temptations. Its' not uncommon for an anarch to experience her first real taste of power and suddenly understand, "OH, that's what the elders are trying to hold onto. Can't say I blame them.." The most devoted among them manage to ward off the temptations of power and continue working for the betterment of younger Kindred, but many prove fallible. Some of the most power-hungry up-and-comers in the Camarilla are former anarchs who have abandoned the movement to line their own nest, as it were.

Anarchs hate these turncoats with a passion, but they also exhibit a tendency to blame the Camarilla itself for their fall, trather than their own lack of will. Just another reason the system has to be changed; it corrupts even those who go into it with the best of intentions.

This love/hate relationship with the Ivory Tower creates an interesting dichomoty in the anarch attitudes. Mention any given facet of the Camarilla, and you'll receive a veritable barrage of scorn, vitriol and mockery. Yet when the shit hits the fan and the Camarilla is menaced by threats from without, such as the recent Sabbat offensive on the East Coast, the anarchs are always among the first on the front lines, fighting back the enemies of the sect.

~Guide to the Anarchs, White Wolf Publications 2002