Baron: An anarch "prince"; a Kindred who claims a domain but is a member of the Anarch Movement

Barony: The domain of an anarch "prince". Also, an autonomous community of anarchs.

Gang: A coterie of anarchs modeled after mortal inner-city crime groups

Gear: Supplies or armaments hidden in a cache.

Idealist: An anarch whose struggle is rooted more in intellectualism or theory rather than real-world experience. Sometimes used with derision, to imply that one has his head in the clouds and that his personal utopia would never work

Pack: A coterie of anarchs. Origin is uncertain, and the term may have come into use during the nights of the Anarch Revolt or shortly afterward to spite the Sabbat.

Piper: Aslo, pied piper. An anarch who uses mortals or ghouls excessively to fight battles for the anarch cause.

War of Ages: The class of Kindred over issues such as age, sect policy (which favors elders in anarch opinion) and generation. Also the Jyhad.

Ivory Tower: The Camarilla

Emissary: An anarch who's job is to negotiatie with the leaders of other sects.

Sweeper: An anarch who's job is to keep track of the Kindred within a barony.

Barony: An area of anarch influence, territory.


Vulgar Argot

Bling: Cash

Cape: An obvious vampire. Also, an elder

Donor: A vessel

Five: A member of another sect who carries on of those sect's titles. Presumably originates for the "5-0" mortal slang for a police officer.

Highway Haven: A portable haven, such as a trailer or even a secure sleeping bag.


Old Form

Antitribu: While the Sabbat's use of this word is more vernacular, a few aged anarchs still use this term to referr to any Kindred who turns his back on the main body of his clan. The anarchs were the original antitribu, these elder revolutionaries claim, and the Sabbat merely stole the name as they struck out on their own.

Return, the: The apology of the anarchs at the Convention of Thorns, where they disgracefully returned to their elders' sides and agreed to support the Camarilla

Sabbat: In certain contexts, particular among very old anarchs, a sabbat is a pack or coterie, rather than the sec that adapted the name for its own use.


~Guide to the Anarchs, White Wolf Publications 2002