It often seems in these nights that the Camrilla is teetering on the edge of a knife, and the anarchs are just as precariously perched as everyone else. For a time, it looked as though the war on the East Coast could only go in one direction; had the Sabbat victory proven as unilateral as it first appeared, the Camarilla would have fallen to its weakest state (at least in North America) since before the Revolutionary War. Some particularly pessimistic doomsayers were predicting the fall of the entire sect on the continent. And the first anarchs. like everyone else, took note. For the first time, it seemed possible that the Ivory Tower might actually topple, that the Anarch Movement's future utopia was never to be.

The Camarilla turned the tide, of course, even taking New York from the Sabbat's grasp (and the anarchs have a great interest in the development of the city's nascent undead society). But the close call fot the leaders of the Anarch Movement thinking. Most of them, even those who support the "blow shit up" method of societal evolution, have changed their tactics.

Few Camarilla Kindred have noticed the change. The anarchs are still making a nuisance of themselves, still mouthing off at the worst times, still destroying valuable property and, on rare occasion, assassinating important elders.

What the anarchs are doing differently, however, is picking their targets. Cities near Sabbat territory have been struck less often, and when the anarchs do turn to violence in such a city, their targets are invariably Kindred who are relatively uninvolved with the city's defense. In cities some distance from the front, the anarchs are specifically targeting those elders who prove intractable in their hatred or disdain for the younger generation. Elders who show even the slightest hint ot a willingness to negotiate are left alone.

Nor is this change only among the more violent members of the sect. Politically minded anarchs are making deals and alliances like never before, sometimes approaching elders whom they would have avoided like the sun itself not two years ago. The movement as a whole has begun taking an active interest in prestation, not merely between its own members, but with outsiders. Emissaries are far more common now than they were before the East Coast situation, and more than one elder has been stunned by the anarchs' newfound willingness to compromise....on some issues.

The anarchs have realized that they can no longer afford to weaken the Camarilla with their activities. Thus, their efforts are now aimed specifically at pushing the Ivory Tower in the direction they want it to go, rather than causing random mayhem in the hopes of attracting attention. It's a subtle shift, and one that may prove ineffective. But at least the anarchs are taking the dangers of the modern nights seriously, something of which the elders appear incapable.


~Guide to the Anarchs, White Wolf Publications 2002