Pick Your Poison


  • Ghouls can injest 2 blood points safey
  • Ghouls can hold a maximum of 10 blood points (vitae or blood)
  • A ghoul that wishes to injest more than 2 blood points should remove blood from their system first or risk overdose
  • Independent ghouls may remove the necessary blood on their own (roll intelligence + medicine, diff 6 )

Blood Uses

  • Ghouls can spend a maximum of 1 blood point per round
  • Enhance physical attributes (up to twice the base level)
  • Healing
  • Power Disciplines


  • Physical disciplines (celerity, fortitude, potence) are the easiest to learn
  • Other disciplines require a period of learning from the domitor (or other)
  • Some disciplines will be almost impossible for a ghoul to learn except with long term training, such as Thaumaturgy, Necromancy, Serpentis
  • Ghouls generally learn the disciplines possessed by thier last "donor"
  • As long as a ghoul maintains blood in their system, regardless of where the blood comes from, disciplines learned in the past are useable
  • If a ghoul has no vitae in their system, no disciplines can be used

Blood Loss

  • Ghouls will lose vitae at the rate of 1 blood point every three days
  • If a ghoul loses more than 5 points of blood (whether its vitae or human), each additional blood point lost is treated as a Health level of damage
  • If She loses more than 7 blood points, she must make a stamina + fortitude roll, where the difficulty equals the number of blood points lost (8 or 9) - if she fails this roll, she dies
  • The last blood point will remain in the ghouls system for 1 month

Blood Bonds

  • Unlike vampires, ghouls may actually wean themselves of a Blood Bond by refusing to accept blood from the domitor.
  • After 12 months - willpower of refusing vitae, the ghoul drops 1 level on the Blood Bond chart
  • Emancipation is not an easy process, and may require willpower expenditures and some personality types (child or conformist)


  • For each point of stamina a ghoul has, she can "cram" an extra blood point into her system.
  • If a ghoul ingests more blood than she can contain, she makes a stamina check (diff 8), if this roll is successfuly, she can use the blood normally,
  • If she fails, she sufferes a Health level of damage per blood point over her maximum, and this blood cannot be used to increase attributes or heal wounds. The ghoul will vomit the excess blood
  • While overdosed, a ghoul's chance for frenzy equals that of a vampire's, reaction time increases (gain a temporary dot in dexterity)
  • While overdosed, the ghoul must make a perception + self control roll each scene, failure indicates the ghoul suffers from violent hallucinations


  • Ghouls can regenerate limbs by spending a willpower point and making a stamina roll (diff 8), if the roll fails, the ghoul will never regrow the limb
  • If the roll is successful, the ghoul spends an appropriate amount of blood to regenerate the limb (one for a finger, two for a hand, three for an entire limb, etc..)


  • A ghouls suffers from withdrawal for a period of weeks equal to 6 - stamina
  • During this time, whenever an opportunity arises to gain blood, the ghoul makes a self-control roll (diff 7) to resist
  • Each week of withdrawal, the ghoul makes an intelligence + self control roll (diff 6), if this roll fails the ghouls begins to sublimate her cravings into human desires (food, sex, drugs, etc..)
  • A willpower point may be spent to resist these cravings