Becoming a Ghoul

The process of ghoul creation is largely up to the ST, some will deem that the moment that blood of a vampire is imbibed, the ghoul is created, and now gains the disciplines of its domitor's family. Others require a period of "becoming" before those benefits manifest. I am personally more fond of the second way, as it leaves the door open to play the discovery and emotions associated with the transformation. If the ghoul is left on their own, with no training or input from a mentor, they may never realize their full potential, as many of the Disciplines would require training. Alternately, in a moment of fear or panic, a discipline such as celerity may manifest itself. Its up to the ST how discipline gaining occurs, and certainly leaves a lot of room for dramatic and intense scenes.

Ghoul Character Creation

Types of Ghouls

Vassals -- ghouls that serve vampires, they are bonded and controlled

Independents -- ghouls that do not serve vampires (they may have at one time, but the bonds have been broken)

Revenants -- ghoul families that serve the Sabbat (special case -- See Revenant)

Assigning Points

[ 6/4/3 - 11/7/4 - 21 f ]

Discipline Chart
Sponsor's Generation Max Discipline Level Optional Max Discipline Level
13th - 11th 1 1
10th - 9th 1 2
8th 1 3
7th 2 3
6th 3 4
5th 4 4

**Ghouls may follow alternate Paths of Enlightenment, but this is extremely rare (except in some Revenant families). Ghouls on a Path only get 5 dots in Virtues