Lasombra Combined Disciplines

Shroud of Absence
(Clanbook Lasombra, page 72, column 2)
Obtenebration 3, Dominate 3
This power refine's Shroud of Night and combiness the Abyss's intrusion into the world with psychic manipulation of bystanders. Instead of a highly visable cloud of blackness, Shroud of Absence creates a region into which nobody looks. Bystanders don't think to linger in the area. Anyone scanning the scene just keeps looking, her eyes not resting on the shrouded zone. It is a darkness as much of the mind as of the world.

SYSTEM: The player spends a Blood Point and rolls Manipulation + Occolt (diff 7). Succes creates a blind spot about ten feet across, located anywhere within the line of sight of the creator and capable of moving at up to the vampire's walking speed. Anyone wishing to peer inside must earn more successes on a Willpower roll (diff 7) than the creator achieved on the Shroud of Absence roll. Otherwise, he just doesn't think to consider it. Note that this power is wholly supernatural in origin, and most mortals will not have had the experience with the occult to even consider that they can try to see what is so malevolently forcing their attention away.

Armor of Darkness (Dark Ages Companion, page 87, column 2)

Obtenebration 4, Fortitude 2

Most Lasombra have numerous retainers and servitors who advance the Cainite's machinations. Still, there are some Lasombra who maintain active roles in particularly sensitive plots, even if it means venturing into the dangerous realm of daylight. These uncommon vampires develop a technique for protecting themselves from the sun's deadly effects. Blending the Discipline of Obtenebration and Fortitude, a Cainite wraps herself in the stuff of shadow. This creates a dark mantle that shields her from the sun's rays and the harmful effects of fire

SYSTEM: The player spends a Willpower point and two Blood Points, then rolls against Willpower (difficulty 8). The number of successes equals the number of dice which may be added to soak rolls against the effects of sunlight and fire (this is in addition to the Fortitude of the character). The Cainite must concentrate on maintaining the armor but may perform other actions and use her disciplines as usual (the difficulty of all such actions is increased by one while this power is in effect). If she fails to soak any damage, the vampire resolves fire effects and Rotschreck normally.

This power sheathes the character in shadows that resemble a shapeless cloak. A manipulation + Craft roll (diff 6) may be used to mold the darkness into a specific form, like clothing, robes or even a suit of plate mail. Any part of the body not covered by this shape is not protected. A few Lasombra are said to have this shadow armor about them always; cowled and black-clad Cainites may not be wearing heavy wool, but the very substance of darkness given shape.

This ability is guarded closely by its few practitioners. The character must first find a Cainite skilled in using Armor of Darkness, and then Persuade her to pass on its secrets. It costs 15 experience points to gain this power.

Smothering Darkness (Libellus Sanguinous 1, page 33)

Obtenebration 2, Obfuscate 1

A Magister may use Smothering Darkness to summon fluttering shadows that immediately flock to the nearest light sources (torches, candles, oil lamps and the like) and douse them. The behaviour of these shadows is akin to moths; they find the brightest light source then dive into it in hopes of being consumed. By using this power a Lasombra can plunge an entire area into darkness almost immediately, rendering those unprepared for it completely helpless.

SYSTEM: Each success on a Wits + Occult roll (diff 6) produces a fluttering shadow which then proceeds immediately to the nearest light source in an attempt to douse it. These shadows can cause no damage but may well collide with other characters in their flight, producing confusion and fear. The shadows can smother any fire up to the size of a torch; anything larger requires the attention of multiple shadows. As soon as a shadow douses a flame, that shadow vanishes. If there are more shadows than there are fires to extinguish, the excess number will flap around in the dark, likely causing more confusion, before finally vanishing into whatever dark place they originated. This power costs 9 experience points.

Shadowed Eyes (Libellus Sanguinus 1, page 33)

Obtenebration 3, Auspex 3

This particular skill is a matter of control and delicacy, not raw power. The wielder summon forth small patches of blackness which cover the eyes of the target, rendering him effectively blind and giving him a demonic appearance. Those thus afflicted my find themselves in more than a little trouble with their neighbors who have little tolerance for the blind, and less for those that appear unnatural.

SYSTEM: The player rolls Dexterity + Occult (diff 7). If he succeeds, he summons the darkness successfully and blinds his target. The number of successes determines the duration of the shadows.

one turn
one minute
five minutes
30 minutes
one hour

Additional successes produce longer effects. The enveloping shadow cannot be removed by anything short of plucking out the eye thus covered - a somewhat drastic remedy.

NOTE: This power affects all of the eyes of the victim, whether he be a one-eyed beggar, a 'normal' vampire, a Salubri or the mythical Argus. Certain Lasombra have been able to create a purely comsetic variation on this power, covering their own eyes with the shadows while still maintaining the ability to see clearly. Using this power has the same difficulty as a regular use of Shadowed Eyes but can impose terror on any beholding it ((Willpower roll, difficulty 5 to avoid fleeing in fear). Learning this power costs 12 experience points.

Dark Steel (Libellus Sanguinus 1, page 33) <not possable on diablerie>

Obtenebration 3, Potence 3

Where Arms of Ahriman normally allows a Lasombra to summon forth a tentacle of pure shadow to assault his foes, this bastardized power grants those psuedopods of darkness greater strength and endurance. Cainites used to dealing with the normal manifestation of this power may find themselves fatally suprised by the use of Dark Steel instead.

SYSTEM: Using Dark Steel requires a Manipulation + Occult roll (diff 7) and the expenditure of two Blood points. Each success summons forth one tentacle, which then appears from a nearby shadow (under a piece of furniture, from within the summoning vampire's cloak, etc.). The tentacles are all eight feet long and have Strength and Dexterity ratings equivalent to twice the vampire's Obtenebration rating. Furthermore, the vampire can expend a Blood Point, "feeding" it to the tentacles; for each point thus spent, the tentacle' ratings increase by one. A Dark Steel tentacle does Strength +2 crushing damage, has six Health Levels, and takes damage from fire and sunlight in addition to normal attacks. It costs 18 experience points to learn this power.