Myth or Madness For centuries, Christians have debated the concept of Transubstantiation. Catholics believe that through ceremony, the priest changes bread and wine literally into the body and blood of Christ. The Sabbat have found themselves embroiled in a similar debate. It is rumored that the original ceremonial magic for this ritual came from the Tremere who obtained it from the KnightÕs Templar. When consecrating the Blood Feast, a magical invocation is used to transform the vesselÕs blood into the Blood of the Sabbat. There are some who believe that the Blood of the Sabbat is a cohesive, driving force that links the entire Sabbat together; they also believe that because of this Transubstantiation, the effects of a sire are minimal. his is why guests at a Blood Feast partake of the vesselÕs blood first, and observe the Vaulderie second. ŌThe Body of Christ, the Blood of the Sabbat...,Ķ are magical words that suggest an emerging race of Gods who were once men. Some members of the Sabbat believe that the Black Hand exacerbates the debate over this sacred traditional belief. Others believe that a secret, fanatical cult exists that try to read more into the ritual than originally intended to create the opportunity for them to rise in prominence. Finally, many Loyalists maintain that freedom is the cornerstone of the Sabbat movement: Issues regarding magic and religion are personal and interpretation is entirely up to the individual.