St Louis Aquarium Finally Opens

After much postponement and licensing issues, the St Louis Aquarium will have a grand opening on July 4th. The aquarium was finally able to get past its financial woes after a private corporation leased the structure for evening and after hours banquets and parties, thus providing the necessary funds to finish the project. Most of the exhibits were ready to go, though the shark exhibit, the shining glory of the aquarium had yet to import the sharks from a Florida aquarium. Two tiger sharks and a hammerhead shark arrived safely on June 28th and appear to be adjusting well. The Aquarium also hosts a jellyfish exhibit, a coral reef exhibit and an arctic exhibit (which is slated to be replaced when more funds become available).

The aquarium will be open daily from 9am to 7pm. It will not be open to the general public after 8 pm, though a private company has leased the aquarium during those hours. Sources say the aquarium will be subleased for private parties, banquets and even weddings.

The aquarium is located on the corner of Market Street and 11th Street, and parking is available.