The Trainwreck Saloon

Laclede's Landing

Marlo Chase - Keeper of the Elysium



St Louis Elysium

Elysium Description

The Elysium is located in the banquet room of The Trainwreck Saloon. The Trainwreck is located in the historic area of Laclede's Landing. Cobblestone streets and horse drawn carriages create and illusion of historic pomp. There is no parking on the street, though 2 blocks down is a pay lot (pay by the hour or by yearly passes).

As you enter the trainwreck, you'll see that the club is fashioned after and old time Saloon. The wood work is imaculate, dim lighting and cases full of western memorobelia decorate the walls. There are two levels to the saloon, a bar area on the ground floor, restaurant and bathrooms on the second floor. A private stairwell on the 2nd floor leads to a 3rd staircase. You need to have a key to access this door, keys are distributed the Keeper of the Elysium. You must speak with Marlo Chase to get an access key.

Recent arrivals may wait in the saloon section. A message to the bartender to speak to Marlo Chase will be delivered promptly.

The elysium is an open space, a banquet room converted to a leisure center. One semi circle area is lined with bookshelves. Donations are welcome (quality books only).

Creative use of open space divided the room into a game area, which has a dart board, pool table and a marble chess table. Casual bar style type tables line these areas, as well as stylish furniture.

The south section of the elysium has rows of tables and a head table for meetings. Each table is expensive oak, with subtle engravings of clan symbols on the edges. A head table, which is even more decorative than the others is reserved for the Prince and Primogen (and invited guests)

Two offices are located on the south wall of the building. The green office is locked and reserved for the Prince's private use.

The beige office is often unlocked, can be used by any member for private conversations, or for the Keeper's business.

A fire exit/door is located in the southwest corner of the building. The door leads to a fire escape stairway outside the building.

Windows on the east side overlook the old traintracks and the riverfront.

The Status Game

In elysium, your behavior is monitored and commented upon by those Camarilla members that deem themselves Harpies. A harpy is not an official position, it is a defacto title given to elysium regulars who make your business their business. That being said, here are some helpful tips to ensure that you are regarded in high esteem by the social monitors of St Louis.

1. Mind your manners. Being rude to others of higher status than you will definitely earn you bad marks.

2. Do not interrupt those of higher status than you, wait patiently until they are no longer busy before approaching them.

3. If someone of higher status interrupts you, accept with grace. They've earned that right.

4. It is best to address others by their surnames, particularly those of higher status than you.

5. Do not question the word of elders. If you must, tread very carefully, you might want to request a private audience.

6. Political business with the Prince should go through your primogen first. Follow the chain of command unless it is an emergency.

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