I've compiled questions and answers for some of the more common things I get asked about the nature of ghouls. I'll add to this list as I go and also keep in mind, the answers are my interpretations of Ghouls: Fataladdiction, and are not absolutes. Feel free to email me with any questions you might have and I'll post them here.


Q: Can ghouls get pregnant?

A: I've had a couple of people email me asking this question. There are definitely sources that say the nature of the blood enhances the sex drive of ghouls, often the addiction of the blood transferring to other perverse addictions, including sex. Males don't tend to have a problem as far as reproduction is concerned, for a female however, carrying a baby to term is problematic. Remember that vitae slows (halts) the aging process, by extension, a child conceived would never come to term as long as the mother was imbibing. If a female was ghouled after she was pregnant, the growth of the fetus could also be stunted. Another possibility, is the shock of the fetus gaining vitae through the placenta would result in a miscarriage - this might just be the easiest way to go - this is the World of Darkness and not a great place to raise a ghoulchild. Of course, the Storyteller has final say in these things, and if you really want your ghoul character to be a mother, I suggest you work something out with your ST. A compromise could mean a stamina roll when blood is drank, to determine whether the unborn ghoul can survive the process. Another alternative, if you look at revenant physiology is that the gestation period can take an extremely long time, as the growth of the fetus is stunted, but not halted. "Ghoul: Fatal Addiction" left this area vague, maybe because all in all, the subject is touchy and can even be somewhat offensive.

Q: Can a vampire become bonded by drinking the blood of another vampire's ghoul?

Answer: Absolutely not. Course, this is my own answer, but the question has come up in the game I run. Frankly, the ramifications of allowing such a thing.....a person could bond an entire city by placing delectable blood dolls infused with their own vitae. Kindred fear contracting blood diseases, but no where in any book does it mention a fear of a "proxy bond". As far as physiology goes, I also contend that the metabolizing of blood by a ghoul changes its properties such that it can no longer be used to create a bond to other vampirers, or even other ghouls. Another reference to support this argument is that "Fataladdiction" does state that ghouls CANNOT create blood bonds. Period. Considering that a ghoul always has at least one blood point in their system, not even vampire vitae can be used to create a form of bond for the ghoul's domitor to other mortals. As per usual, here's the general disclaimer: ST's have the final word, maybe in some circumstances (fresh vitae, OD'd ghoul..etc) it might be allowed.

Q: If a player starts off as a ghoul how do the stats change if they become embraced?

Answer: This one is best worked out with your ST, the simplest way to do it is to simply give the character a free dot in a discipline of her clan. Consider that ghouls start with 2 dots of disciplines and vampires start with 3 dots of disciplines. Adding a free dot puts them up at vampire stats. The character will be low in the attributes area, but they also got additional freebies to start with, it all balances out in the end. Merits and flaws can be trickier, as some mortal merits/flaws are not going to be appropriate for a vampire character. The ST can work out with the player how to exchange the flaws and merits for more appropriate ones, and even allow the character to buy additional merits with xp ( I charge them 2x the merit cost in xp) - but that should be a one shot deal. Characters should normally not be allowed to buy merits with xp and of course, the ST can decide what's appropriate and what isn't.

Q: What happens to potence when a ghoul becomes embraced?

Answer: There's cannon to suggest that the potence remains - consider the giovanni merit "proxy kissed". Then again, if all vampires that spent time as a ghoul (and that's probably a majority of them) had potence, that would be a lot of potence. In the game I run, I allow them to either keep potence, or exchange it for a clan discipline. Personally, I prefer the first option.

Q: Does the bond a ghoul have to her domitor break upon embrace?

Answer: While some suggest that death itself can break the bond (that essentially a ghoul is "reborn") there is nothing in the main book or the ghoul book to support this claim. There are some paradoxes though if you stop to consider. A long term giovanni ghoul keeps his disciplines, and yet the merit in the giovanni book makes them bound to someone within the clan. Tremere, on the other hand, while many may have served the clan for years before embrace, become partially bonded to the elders of their clan as a clan flaw upon embrace; which should not happen if there was already a bond in place to a domitor. The second could explained by tremere witchery, perhaps the cup and the ritualistic elements of the embrace break the bond but again there's no evidence that this is the case in any of the core books. The only ways to break a bond are through proper application of a Vaulderie, a 5th level tremere ritual that is very rare, and of course time spent away from domitor and application of willpower.