Ghoul Frenzy Chart

It is the storyteller's duty to decide what situations might provoke frenzy in a ghoul character. While any individual stimulus is relatively unlikely to send a ghoul into frenzy (on average, ghouls' frenzy difficulties are three less than vampires') ghouls experience provocation much more commonly than vampires do. Ghouls' human natures battle constantly with their Beasts, and most are not given instruction in how to prevent their vampiric natures from taking over.

In order to resist frenzy, the player must make a Self-control roll, the difficulty of which varies. Five successes are required before frenzy is overcome completely. With each success rolled, frenzy is prevented from taking effect for one turn.

Scent of Domitor's vitae (when hungry) 3
Sight of Domitor's vitae (when hungry) 3
Taste of blood 3
Threatened verbally by Domitor 3
Use of narcotics or hallucinogens 3
Beaten by Domitor 4
Domitor endangered 4
Domitor showing favor to another ghoul 4
Not administered dosage of vitae 4
Sight, smell, taste of human family members blood 4
Attacked by Lupine 5
Overdose of Domitor's Vitae 5
Humiliation in front of mortals 5
Humiliation in front of Domitor 6
Abandonment 6