Necromancy can be a very difficult discipline to run in an on-line chronicle. This is mainly because the actions of wraiths must be monitored and detailed by an ST, and the powers of wraiths are left extremely vague - at least in the vampire core books. You could, of course, look at the Wraith books and have all kinds of neat toys to play with, but most ST's running a vampire chronicle are not going to want to devote that kind of time to add in new rules regarding wraiths. Maybe an ST running a small chronicle could do this, but in your larger on-line games, this isn't an option.

Necromancy Paths

All Giovanni must start with sepulchre path - no exceptions
A second path can be learned once 3 levels of Sepulchre Path have been achieved.
A third path can be learned once 5 levels in Sepulchre have been acheved.

* These are clarifications, see VtM for systems

Sepulchre Path

Insight - no change from the book, but since ST's cannot see the future of an NPC, the player must be creative or vague when describing a death.

Summon Soul - because not all that die will become wraiths, a Necromancer wishing to raise a recently deceased person needs to check with an ST on whether the person has become a wraith. The ST first checks to see if the deceased had a willpower of 5 or greater, then makes a 1d10 roll, a 7 or higher means that the character is a wraith and may be summoned.

Haunting - can only be used on locations, you cannot command a wraith to haunt a person. It is possible to bind a wraith to an object (which could move with a person, like a watch or necklace). Binding a wraith to an object requires. In order to bind a wraith to an object, the necromancy must achieve 4 or more successes on the Haunting roll.

The Bone Path

Soul Stealing - this level can be very problematic, because ultimately it is a single dice roll that can result in a character's death, and does not require much beyond that. Due to this unpleasant factor, Soul stealing is not allowed during combative or casual scenes, it requires some ritualistic preparation of a body and time to actually steal the soul. Players cannot just walk up to other characters in the street, steal their soul and destroy them.