In addition to rituals available in the sourcebooks, here are some original rituals created by players.

Summon Swamp Fetus-- Necromancy Level 2 (creator: Jubilee Sabol & Arron Pisanob)
(original model: will o wisp thaum ritual)

This ritual allows the necomancer to summon "ghostlights". The ghost lights appear as small marble sized lights that have an eerie green illumination, 5 of these lights are summoned, as they travel in groupings. The ghostlights can be made to travel anywhere within the sight of the vampire and can even perform tricks. Among the things the lights can do are: glow brighter, glow dimmer, merge into one large ball, fly about, bathe someone in a magical glow, swirl, remain stationary or perform whatever maneuver the vampire can imagine. This ritual is a useful diversion or simply a light source.

The ritual requires a small branch from a willow tree growing at a swamp where the lights orginally haunted. The necromancer holds the branch and recites a short incantation. The ritual takes an action, and the ghost lights are summoned. The ghost lights are drone wraiths, created from stillborn and unborn children. Folklore contains many eyewitness accounts of these lights...also called will o' wisps, faerie lights, and ball lightning.

Tonali's Flame--Necromancy Level 1 (creator: Aaron Pisanob)

According to the religion of the Mexicas - the ancient South American civilization known as the Aztecs - the universe is run on an energy called Tonali. Roughly described as "animating sprit", Tonali comes from the word tona, meaning "to make heat or sun". Throughout Aztec religion there is a great emphasis on motion, and motion is driven by Tonali. Among humans Tonali is concentrated in the blood, and, in some circumstances, the heart. Although it is easy to scoff at such out-dated religious mythology, Kindred scholars find it hard to find fault with the theory, especially considering the nature of Vampires - walking corpses; an occurrence made possible, according to some Pisanob, by the animating properties of Tonali.They also claim that this is the reason why a stake in the heart will immobilize Kindred.

The ritual of Tonali's Flame was designed by a Pisanob priest to keep track of his friends' condition. It exploits the properties of Tonali by making a candle from the blood of such an individual.  This blood provides a link to the target's life force, keeping the flame lit for as long as they still live. As the soon as the target dies, if mortal, or meets final death, if undead, the flame dies.

System: This ritual requires at least one blood point, which must be reasonably fresh. The blood must be mixed with melted wax until fully saturated. Then, the Necromancer must chant a Mantra in Nahuátl whilst dipping a piece of string in and out of the blood-wax mixture until the candle has formed. When the finished candle is placed in its holder it will spontaneously light itself, signifying that the ritual is complete. The entire process takes 15 minutes, minus one for every success on the activation roll.