This Trait represents a hold you have over a ghost, or several ghosts. Usually this hold is in the form of catene—either something that the ghost valued highly in life, or possibly a random object or place to which the spirito became attached during the maelstrom. Regardless, you have a hold over the spirit and can bully it by threatening its fetter. Alternatively, you might have information about the spirit's goals and can control it by aiding or impeding it.

A Vampire with the Spirit Slaves Background starts play with one or more spirits already doing her bidding. The number of spirits and their power depend on how many dots the character has in the Background. Obviously this is a Background only open to Kindred with the Necromancy Discipline.

Each individual spirit costs one dot. Wraiths' skills and attributes are built using the rules for neonate vampires, but with no additional Disciplines (except as described below), Backgrounds or freebie points. Each starts with a Passion Pool of 5.: Every spirit automatically has Auspex 1 and one dot in another common power. Spending another Background dot on a spirit can give it an uncommon power (or one common power at uncommon levels). Spending two dots on a spirit can give it rare levels of power.

Example: Brent chooses to have three dots in the Spirit Slaves Background. That means he could have three spirits doing his bidding, each with Auspex 1 and one other common power. Alternatively, he could choose to have two servants—a weak one and one who also possesses an uncommon power.Finally, he could choose to have a single servant with a rare power, or with two uncommon powers.

• You have a hold on one weak spirito.
•• You have influence over two minor ghosts, or one of greater power.
••• You're the boss of three lesser ghosts, or fewer who can do more.
•••• Four ghosts are under your sway, or fewer who are stronger.
••••• You have mastered five weak ghosts, or fewer who are more talented

Things you can do with spirit slaves

  • Monitor locations
  • Defend haven
  • Spy on others
  • Provide "otherworldly" information