Bacio Della Morte

Given their incestuous nature and their morbidly ritualistic proclivities, the Necromancers have social habits within their crypts that assist in keeping the family as close knit as possible through the ages. Dinner parties, twisted little celebrations and disturbing practices shared by the mortals and Kindred of the clan fill the calendar. The most important of these, if only because every single member of the clan experiences it, is the actual Embrace, the bacio della morte, or Kiss of death.

The creation of a childe is a very serious affair presaged by many nights, even years, of scheming, deliberation and political intrigue. Eventually, however, all of that means nothing when the elders finally approve the bestowing of the bacio della morte. Although often a private affair between sire and would-be childe, the actual Embrace is of such importance that it is celebrated as a semi-public event, with a number of other close Giovanni in attendance, including those who approved the act. The childe-to-be is brought forward in her best outfit as if attending her first Communion and she is informed of her place in the clan and of the gift she is about to receive. After all the formal hocus-pocus she removes all her garb and kneels before her Sire-to-be, willingly offering herself to the monster before her. If for any reason, the sire disapproves at this final moment, he may destroy her on the spot, for his fellow kindred will assume he has recognised some flaw and saved them from future problems. However if this does not occur, the sire falls on his chosen progeny with savage abandon, allowing her to experience all the agony possible for one last time before she becomes much less empathic. After the deed is done, she is given a robe and provided her first vessel, a mortal brought for that purpose. She is then welcomed by all gathered and a blood-soaked formal dinner is held in a nearby hall at which time she is likely to begin her first alliances with those who have come before her.

The Proxy Kiss

A ceremonial feeding of a vitae to create a ghoul. The bestowing of the proxy kiss is considered an honor among Giovanni family members, though the practice becomes less common in modern nights, as many fear the power of the blood bond and do not wish for a future Giovanni (vampire) to be enthralled to another.

April 4th

The celebration that marks the anniversary of Augustus' decision to betray his sire and lead the clan into its own. This night is often the night where the Proxy Kiss is bestowed and family members are embraced


A "gift" or "payment" bestowed upon an elder, often in money or souls. The size of the tithe often depends upon one's standing in the clan.