Gehenna Who??

I've included this section because Malkavians are known to have a second sight, within their fractured masses are the suicidals, the prophets, the seers, and oracles. Because of this extra sense, Malkavians do have a knowledge of the possibility of Gehenna, and are in fact, the only Camarilla clan that as a whole, are seeking ways to prevent it. What does this mean for your character? Whatever you want it to mean. With the appropriate lores, a dash of insight or oracular ability, you too can be a Gehenna prophet! Course, as with anything, moderation is the KEY. Know one really knows when Gehenna will occur, if it will occur or how it will occur. Any snippets we have regarding the signs of gehenna are snippits and hints, and some of them might end up being downright misleading. Or, you can choose to have your malkavian be blissfully ignorant, and buy into the whole speil that's its just religious hysteria and propaganda. Pishaw!

Gehenna-- --"Place of Torment." The Valley of Hinnom, south-west of Jerusalem, where Solomon, king of Israel, built "a high place", or place of worship, for the gods Chemosh and Moloch. The valley came to be regarded as a place of abomination because some of the Israelites sacrificed their children to Moloch there. In a later period it was made a refuse dump and perpetual fires were maintained there to prevent pestilence. Thus, in the New Testament, Gehenna became synonymous with hell.
--Encyclopedia Mythica

What Some Malkavians Know about Gehenna

Something very very terrible happened to the Ravnos, it was related to the appearance of the red star in the sky, the star a portent of ill-omen, still remains in the night sky

Malkavians are breeding, for every malkavian killed, 2 more are created.

Gnawed Malkavians are not destroyed, most are warehoused and kept alive

Anatole, The Prophet of Gehenna, is presumed dead, his last prophecies are in the hands of a childe of Set

A red star in the sky can be seen by enlightened ones and those with Auspex, it is felt to be a portender of doom.

We are torn, torn in two. There is a great weight of filial loyalty that presses our collective breast; for, after all, are not the insights and enlightenment given to us by our collective father, Malkav?

And yet, should he stir to wakefulness, the gift he has given each of us would tear loose from our very skulls, fly from our very veins. he would pool into consciousness, rise from our scattered bodies--but where would that leave us? Even if what they say is true, and his body remains whole and unguarded somwhere, we would all lose part of ourselves to fee his activiity.

It is the sacred duty that we hold, the task of all true children of Malkav, that we spread his mad seed as far as possible, amongst as many of us as we may. If we are fruitful, and we are strong, then we can spread his blood and disease so thinly that he will remain in slumber. If we reduce his soul to finely minced gobbbets, so small that we will at last be the infection's master rather than slave, then we can devour his essence, his delirium, his wisdom, all the fragments of his divinity that have been left in our blood. There is a term, so very modern, yet so accurate that I regret it was not coined sooner:

Bite-sized portions.

Even our wayward children in the Camarilla know our purpose, and they share it it; after all, why is it that they do not destroy every last one of the infirm and broken amongst themselves? No they agree to keep the line sound. For every foolish, squawking madman that is condemned to Final Death, they Embrace two more. Such is wisdom. Such is the means to mastery.

We are really not so different, you see. We are all Malkav's get. And we will yet be Malkav

--Drozodny, pack priest, Malkavian antitribu

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