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Mercy Insight 2/26/03 (4 successes)

There's a dark doorway, so very dark that there's no telling what's beyond the door. The front of it has a dim light, and a halo of a human figure is in the door, standing on precipice of the abyss. And the drum beat echoes, growing louder and louder until the vision scape seems to shudder and bend: Super bon bon. Move a-side and let the man go... let the man go thru. Four overly large men walk from the darkened doorway, who knows where they come from. They're proportions are normal, and they're dressed distinctly in Victorian era clothing, gentlemanly, but in dream proportions they seem large, like stretched. There's a shift in the setting, no transition, but as dreams so often do, its a natural thing. The Stretched Men are in a circle, with a small dark haired female in the center, she looks childlike compared to their extreme dream proportions. Her head is bowed in subjugation, the stretched men seem to loom larger, casting shadows over the girl. She casts a sideways glance as the shadows loom, something sparkly there in the light of that sideswept glance. Scene morph, the shadows continue to loom and quake at the figure in the center circle, except she isn't really there, you can see her circling the Stretched Men, at every point behind them, she clinks finger symbols together, as if to mark each from behind, they never even notice, so intent they are on the subjugation of her shadow twin. Its at that point, where you see a mouse that looks strangely humanoid, like a cartoon mouse. It watches, one paw held out holding a locket made of melted plastic around what seems to be a lock of hair, it swings widdershins.