Character concepts (addendums to those listed in the Malkavian Clanbook)

Note: Many people read through the clanbooks and skip the pages on character concepts, I highly urge anyone that's done that to go back and look. The concepts can be quite inspiring, and can give you a second look into what concepts would be interesting to play. I offer additional concepts here.


Something Wicked

Quote: "Why are the dwarves on strike?...oh right... Little People. Misunderstood, you say....they have no fricken clue"

Prelude: You were raised as a neo-gypsy, what the world calls carnies have become a quickly dying breed. As a child, you helped put up the tents, construct the games, and even played parts for the Carnival's freakshow. Times became tough, and the family was barely able to eek out an existance, with the new theme parks and disney wonderlands. One night a strange man came to the camp and spoke to the family, he had grande ideas about how the carnival could survive in these new times. A pact was sealed, the arrangements of which unknown to you at the time. Afterwards, the carnival had suprising success, traveling to rural areas, bringing entertainment and enlightenment like a twisted tent revival. You grew up, and took your place with the team, managing to outshine and out perform the other contortionists and trapeze artists, even enjoyed some fame in the small circle of carnies. The mysterious man returned one night to watch the show, and requested a private show from you late in the night. Your life would never be the same.

Concept: A charlatan, well used to the scams and art forms of the carnie circuit. You are also a performer and a risk taker. Always pushing your physique to new limits. The embrace didn't change you much, you were always the outsider, and even more so now. You were easily able to manipulate the crew and begin running things for yourself, always looking for some new trick, some new scam and a new town to take advantage of. You're a risk taker and a daredevil.

Roleplaying Hints: Animated, you are a performer and all the world is stage. When you're not swinging on a trapeze or curling into a box no human could possibly fit into, you're the charmer, the charlatan. Your dress is always eye catching, something that accentuates and captures the attention, some may even mistake you for a Ravnos.

Derangement: Self Annhilation Impulse

Suggested Merits: Daredevil, Additional Discipline (celerity)


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"Girl Interrupted" by Susanna Kaysen

"When Rabbit Howls" by Truddi Chase

"Tick Tock" by Dean Koontz


"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

"12 Monkeys" (great performance by Brad Pitt)


"Blood Makes Noise" Suzanne Vega

"Angry Johnny" Poe