"The mobius strip, whose shape is the symbol for infinity, is an appropriate metaphor for the philosophy that creativity has no boundaries"

Welcome to the Collective

When the revised Malkavian Clanbook was releases, the Malkavian Madness Network became a lot more cool. In the old days, Malkavians might receive missives from elder malkavians in the form of a calling to a specific locale. In its evolution, the Madness Network became a way for malkavians to communicate globally with one another, as a collective or a type of hive mind.The system is much more user friendly now. Any Malkavian can receive messages, and with the addition of the knowledge called Malkavian Time, the average malkavian can send messages to other malks, via a telepathic link they all share by blood.

The system:

Player rolls Wits + Malkavian Time, difficulty 9, each success allows for two words of communication to one other malkavian in the city. (Malkavian Clanbook, revised)

Alternately, storytellers can choose to allow for a wider communication network, where one malkavian can send multiple messages to all the malkavians in the city, but as the system stands, its person to person contact. You'd have to roll again to communicate the message to another person in the city. Of course, ST's are free to adjust this for their own stories. Some alternate systems I've come across on the web...

Alternative Systems:

Player rolls Wits + Malk Time, each success broadcasts to all malkavians within an area

Player rolls nothing, and is assumed to be always tied to the network and broadcasts cost a willpower point.

Malkavian players can also broadcast to non malkavian characters, provided the roll succeeds and an additional wp is spent

Note: I don't advocate any of these alteranative systems, they're just ideas


What does this mean?

It means Malkavians are inorexibly tied to one another, this type of telepathic link is not shared by any other clan, nor can it be infiltrated or corrupted by other powers. As a malkavian, you can reach out and touch just about anyway. On the downside, being hooked into the collective malkavian consciousness can by quite unnerving. Those with high malkavian time ratings may find themselve overwhelmed by the "static" of the thoughts and messages of the malkavians in the city. It is speculated that any one malkavians thoughts and dreams can be involuntarily or unconciously uploaded to the Cobweb, and any Malkavian, near or far could hear your thoughts - yes, we do have a reason to be paranoid now.

Also, consider that the Cobweb is timeless, a giant mobius strip where thoughts broadcast a millenia ago could be received at random by any Malkavian. With such a powerful tool at their disposal, it is amazing that the Malkavians are not divinely endowed - or incurably insane..