Noteable Malkavians



No one knows anything about Malkav before his embrace. Nor does anyone know anything about after his embrace. In fact, everything that is known are stories, possibly lies, possibly truths. But one thing is for sure. Malkav was a great seer but he had the curse of insanity blocking his reality with non-reality. All of his childer are struck with this curse all the way down to the youngest neonate.


Born as a 12th century French man, Anatole was a devoutly religious man in life. His faith carried on when he was embraced and given the visions, claiming they were signs from the Father (God, Caine, one knows which Father he meant.) He gained infamy and fame for his prophetic visions which kept many of Princes from investigating Anatole's probable diablerizing of elders. Anatole was known as the Prophet of Gehenna when he started preaching about the end of kindred existance. However, his prophecies were too cryptic to understand.

The Ankou

Everyone has tales of ancient terrors stalking the night. One such legend is among the Malkavians. He is the Ankou, the Reaper itself. The Malkavians who know of the Ankou treat its legends with reverence and loathing. A few have said it is the first of the serial killers, or possibly their patron saint. Some beilieve the Ankou to be a Methuselah. It power is so great that it can walk unscathed through Garou territory or even vanish from one place and appear miles away. Vampires, especially Malkavians, are known to vanish from their hunting grounds without a trace. And sometimes the words whispered on lips of those who know is "Ankou."

Fabrizia Contreraz

The neonate, mad, Archbishop was an expected success, taking over many more cities of the Americas than thought possible. She was Embraced in a Mexican jail. She became lovers with her sire and when he was destroyed in the Miami seige, the Regent of the Sabbat blamed Fabrizia for his death. Instead of killing her, Galbraith made Fabrizia the new Archbishop of Miami, thinking it would be her downfall. Instead, Fabrizia took the reigns like a master, committed and dedicated, alert and patient. She became exactly what Miami needed to help take over the Camarilla.

Crazy Jane

Jane Pennington went mad in 17th century England, during the times of disease, unsanitary childbirth procedures and the overall decay of British society. She wound up in an asylum ran by a power Malkavian named Mad Tom. She became his childe, and instead of being his vampire slave, she dethroned him from the asylum and made it a place of peace in her mad mind. The asylum was destroyed because Ventrue thought it was a sign of organization within the Malkavians. Jane was believed to have been destroyed. But distressed Malkavians claim to have seen her and she helps them, a light in their darkness.

The Dionysian

One of the most mysterious Malkavian elders is the Dionysian. He is rumored to be 3,000 years old and very powerful. Some say he is of divine birth and blessed by the gods with divine madness. He is keenly interested in Malkavian illumination, according to legene, and has helped many of neonates survive the rigors of the curse. He is supposedly looking for special Malkavians (one or possibly more) to lead the clan to the next level of enlightenment.

The Eater

He is the Malkavian with no name. Only a reference towards him that describes what he does. Names were once very important and a great source of power. And in that time came the Eater. He devoured the names of others, feeding on the power they granted. He could eat the name of a persona nd that person would falter and die, and everything that lived in that person the Eater would digest and incorporate into himself. He has disappeared. No finding him until he chooses to find you. For of course, when he learned this great secret of eating names, the first name he must have eaten was his own.


Nissiku was one of the first. He was clever and humourous and was prominent among his people. His name meant "the clever prince." Nissiku was a born trickster. When Embraced, his Sight reached beyond that of reality and his too-clever fingers were able to follow. There are tales of the clever prince reaching through the skin of the world and drawing forth the cold, sharp-edged things that lie beyond the soft, loving mirgage. Malkav abandoned him soon after his embrace. Perhaps he saw too much of himself in Nissiku. There are many other names whispered for Nissiku, such as Devil Hanse, Old Man Hate, Iktomi, and Malk Content.

Plague Bride

This woman was named but the Malkavians do not know it. She was one of the first of Malkav. She soothed Malkav with cloths of water and brought him nourishment when he thirsted. Malkav took her for his own, but discarded her. After being discarded she was gentle, and hungry. She wears the fever of Malkav on her forehead like a crown, hence the name Plague-Bride. She came to love the portion of Malkav that resides inside her and spread the infection of the curse throughout the world to show others how wonderful it was. Those she took pity on, usually wound up embraced and even worse off than before.

Alessio Rinaldi

This Malkavian Prince of Ravenna is not what you would expect. He looks weak and frail, as if he would weep when he feeds. He is well-kept but he hardly exudes the aura of one in command. And then there is the mask. When he dons the procelain mask with the peacock feathers on one side, his personality shifts dramatically. His bearing becomes quite aristocratic, giving way to quit arrogance, and low, pulsating bloodlust. He is charming and his allies are very loyal. The most cruel twist of all is that Alessio livesin fear of the night that the Peacock's thrist for blood overcomes him during a revel. For should the Peacock un-mask to drink, Alessio will be left naked and helpess before the court.


Vasantasena was a rajah's daughter, a princess before the first millenium AD. Her sire, Unmada, and her called together the Malkavian clan to unify them to help start the Camarilla. Later, when the Convention of Thorns came out, She condemned the treaty because it would make the anarchs blood bound to their Elders. After a great speech and no response from the Elders, she vanished from the Cobweb. She left the council and helped create the Sabbat sect. She was one of the first Malkavian Antitribu and the prophetess of dark enlightenment. She fears the Antediluvians but tries her best to be one of most insightful and perceptive kindred in the world.