These pages list possible lores knowledge for many categories within the World of Darkness. It is not an all inclusive list, mainly because it would be impossible to list every single piece of knowledge that a person can have access to at each lore level. Instead the list represents some guidelines and basic knowledges for lore levels. Keep in mind, Lores are a grey area, and very much subject to individual (and ST) opinion and discretion.

I have written all of these lores as if they are from an "outsider's" perspective. A person that is actually a member of the group would likely be privy to more information and more accurate information. Any suggestions or new write-ups are welcome. Looking for someone knowledgeable to do "Hunter Lore", "Mummy Lore" and "Kindred of the East Lore". Please email me at if you have ideas for these.

If this is all too detailed, I've also used the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle to define lores, which goes like this:

1. You know a little bit

2. You know a little bit more

3. You're pretty cool, you know a lot about the subject

4. At this point, its getting a little silly for you to know this much

5. Insane levels of Lore knowledge, "hunters" dispatched