Stanton Tower

Located on Marketstreet at the corner of Memorial Drive. The Tower was created with grant money to foster community living in downtown St Louis. The tower consists of 10 floors, housing three suites per floor. Suites are sold as property (condominium). The tower has an advanced security system and on duty security guards at all times. The 11th floor houses a private gym for the residents and a pool that is open seasonally on the rooftop. The lower lobby contains a small grocery store, cafe and meeting rooms. Starbucks is conveniently located next to the tower. A gated underground parking garage is available for residents.

Located within downtown area Domain

Trainwreck Saloon

This bar is located in historic Lacledes Landing and once housed the city's elysium. Marlo retains ownership of the bar and reserves the upstairs (former elysium) for private guests.

Chase Park Plaza

Another apartment and hotel living complex in a very upscale part of the city. It houses five restaurants, a five screen cinema, meeting facilities and over a million square feet of guest suites.

Korte Construction

A large scale building corporation. The majority of Marlo's wealth comes from this company. Korte is involved in renovations of old buildings and the construction of new buildings from coast to coast. Marlo does not actively participate in the management of this company, but can encourage certain projects in the area, as in the building of the Stanton Tower.

Stanton Rental Agency

This smaller company, under the umbrella of the Korte Corporation, has smaller apartment complexes peppered across th city. Marlo maintains more control over this branch of the company.