People - Those of Influence and Renown

Arkady Filitov, The Fallen Prince

The gangrel who once was Prince, at one time I called him the reluctant Prince, and so he was. Eventually abandoning the artifaces of political engagement, the city was turned over. It was not so much of an upheaval as it was a quiet sigh, somewhere between relief and exasperation. Arkady maintains a degree of respect among residents, by nature of his age and his contributions to the Camarilla.

Chris Pratt, The Cornerstone

Ever present but often goes unnoticed, the man carries himself always with quiet dignity. As sheriff, his service has been exemplary, he never complains about duties that may be distasteful to him.

Jaxon Walsh, The Prodigal Son

Child of the Prince, and only marginally respected by the members of the Camarilla. He performs his duties admirably, and never whines about his status. His deeds are often perceived as nepotism, the Prince obviously having a hand in his successes and prevention of failure. It is not entirely true, Jaxon stands on his own.

Zoe, The Tortured Artist

Always remembered fondly for her rendition of "Kitty".

Jayson Rilux, The Two-Dimensional

Two dimensional in that everything with him seems so black and white. The face he presents, is exactly what he is. Though I have few complaints, as a sect member he is usually loyal and well-behaved. Usually. I would have higher expections for someone as long-lived and a city veteran, its like the man has no goals, except to learn more physical power.

Pandora, The Token

A gangrel scourge to appease the Princessa. Qualifications unknown, but Gangrel scourges, probably are a dime a dozen. No opinion other that that formed at this time.

Christian "Bukowski" Jones, The Anathema

Childe of Elena Hawkley, adopted childe of the Prince. Buko represents everything that normal ventrue are not. Rude, crude, and bestial, his mark is infamy, used as an example of how not to be. Though universally despised, there is a strong loyalty to sire and clan and city, something very few people see.

Ember Davies, the Black Sheep

Third childe of Marlo Chase, causing dissonence within the brood, though she tries, she fails to inspire others or integrate into the social strata. Most tolerate her due to her prestigious sire, though it is obvious to most that she fails to thrive or live up to expectations.

Andrea Donaghy, Rising Star

Childe of Reilly Ceatson (grandchilde to Marlo Chase), Andrea is ambitious and focused. She has considerable influence and holdings and despite an inauspicious embrace in the Anarch Free States, she has managed to integrate within the Camarilla and Clan Structure, now holding the title of Ventrue Primogen.

Cody Williams, Constable

Clan Brujah, childe of Kara, Cody made a name for herself by assistance to the Sheriff and overall good judgement when dealing with Kindred affairs, particularly minor squabbles and disputes. She earned the title of Constable, and is charged with the duty of settling interclan disputes. It should be noted that such disputes may normally be settled by the primogen council, though Cody gathers evidence and settles the issue or forwards her recommendations to the Council, an arrangement that works fairly well given the lack of stability of the St Louis Primogen.

Samuel Murphy, the Rook

Occupying a lower rung of Clan Ventrue, Sam has made a place for himself in St Louis, mainly because he is the only Ventrue there that cannot claim a direct lineage to Marlo Chase, which sets him apart, if not above the petty squabbles of Marlo's brood. Marlo supported him for primogen, though her spoiled children ousted him after only a week.

Nathan Atkinson, the Opportunist

Nathan rose to Primogen of the Tremere, from an outside perspective, his position relative to tenacity and not aptitude toward leadership or diplomacy. Appointed to Seneschal after Eva's forced removal from the city, an appointment no doubt related to his assistance in removing her.