Merits & Flaws

Mortal and Ghoul types can choose many of the merits listed for vampires (as always, your ST has the final say in what merits and flaws would be appropriate for your ghoul character). Always remember flaws are optional too. Ghouls/Mortals get 21 freebies already, do you really NEED another 7 by loading up in flaws just cuz? That said, there are a few merits and flaws that are very appropriate for a ghoul character. (Don't go crazy, no need to take them all)

I recommend the following for ghoul characters:

For Independent Ghouls

Blood Flaw Immunity (3 pt merit) - prevents transmission of domitor's blood flaw
Pale aura (1 pt merit) - aura is like a vampire's aura
Unbondable (6 pt merit) - can't be bonded
Short fuse (2 pt flaw) - increases frenzy resist rolls by +2
Scholar of Enemies/Others (2 pt merit) - knowledge of vamps/garou/sabbat etc.

For Vassals

Romantic Notions (2 pt flaw) - goes beyond blood bond, feelings that love is reciprocated
Compulsion (1 pt flaw) - constant behavior (washing hands, checking door locks..etc)
Weak willed (3 pt flaw) - reduces abilities to be manipulated or dominated
Eidetic Memory (2 pt merit) - perfect memory
Derangement (2 pt flaw)
Acute sense (1 pt merit)

For Dhampirs or Revenants

Perceive Vampire (3-5 pt merit, dhampir only) - sees past obfuscate, automatically identify vampires
Vicissitude Modifications (variable, revenant & Sabbat ghouls) - changes physical characteristics, variable
Twisted upbringing (1 pt flaw )
Amnesia (2 pt flaw)

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