Clan Views




The primogen's relationship between other members of the camarilla can be a defining element. The primogen is going to be seen as a wheeler and dealer, perhaps a rising star, or maybe just a solitary elder who has power in his own right.

The Prince

The relationship a primogen has with the prince can determine whether she looks forward to or dreads those regular elysium visits. While some kindred may have not ever speak to the Prince after being acknowledged, the Primogen do not have this option. Consequently, it is advantageous to maintain good relations with the Prince. If the Primogen thinks she can be an independent, devil-may-care, stand up to the man type Primogen, she's not likely to last long. Diplomacy can be potent tools, and the Prince does have access to resources that Primogen may not easily gain on her own. These include, resources, contacts, herd, and an "in" to higher ups (maybe even the inner circle). Primogen must think very carefully before incurring prestation debts from the Prince, as it may undermine the authority and standing of the primogen. A Prince even has to be careful in accepting too many prestation debts from the primogen, lest the Prince lose the integrity of the council. Some princes may overcome this by asking asking that the favor be repaid by a one time major influence "donation". But that, of course, depends on the Prince.


Nothing forces a primogen to behave respectuflly toward archons. That said, primogen rush to court, flatter and offer favors to few others fastor or more enthusiastically. Few primogen ever have access to higher-ranking members of the Camarillathan archons, and many primogen find the notion somewhat heady. The proportion of those encounters that end welll for the primogen is relatively low.

Primogen would love to do a favor for an archon, but the Kindres is in the same boat, or worse, with regard to the archon as she is with the prince; what do you do for the Lick who has everything? Few primogen are above trying. Being owed a boon by an archon is like having Jesus owe you a favor. Archons are not blind to this, however, and the vase majority of them accept proferred boons only with the greatest hesitation.


Primogen may attempt to give and receive favors from harpies, but then again this can be risky business. No one watches the nightly flow, accumulation and disruption of social power as closey as the do, and no one sees more clearer the costs. As such, harpies are likely to be paragons of the social arena, and hesitant to enter enter a bargain that may damage their hard-won reputations. Though, being owed a boon by a primogen may be enough for some harpies to rethink their "ethics". They may be persuaded to watch another kindred more closely, or even purposely spread information that could damage another's reputation. But they would do so with caution, Harpies do have a loose pecking order among each other, and abuse or misuse of power may result in the harpy finding herself cast out of the order (or cast down). Only a major boon could convince a harpy to lie or change a prestation ledger, for the price that the harpy would pay for such a thing should she be caught, are staggering.


Outside of his whip and the other primogen, the sheriff is the Camarilla officer with whom the primogen is likely to have the most interaction. It behooves a primogen to be not just on good terms with the sheriff, but on excellent terms. Ideally, the sheriff shoiuld owe the primogen a handful of boons just to be on the safe side, because , if nothing else, many times will come when the sheriff is the only Kindred standing between the primgoen and an unpleasant visit to the prince's chambers to discuss the behavior of a member of the primogen's clan. The greater likelihood is that the primogen, all of the, will almost always ower the sheriff many, many boons, in effect making him one of the most powerful Kindred in the city (in ways that most Licks won't even pause to think about)

As the enforcer of Kindred custom within a city, the sheriff is typically the first to have to deal with Licks who have been stupid:those who have unthinkingly violated the masquerade, those who have lost control, or those who have simply broken the laws of Elysium. In that regard, he also functions as a buffer between the perptrator (and by extension the perpetrators clan) and the prince. No primogen wants a member of his clan to be dragged into Elysiuym by the sheriff.l At the very least it makes him look as if he can't keep his clan in line. Some elders have been known to offer major boons to a sheriff who routinely brings problem members of his clan to him instead of taking them to the Prince. If the primogen is that desparate to not have his claan brought before the prince, something is likely amiss, but the fact reamins that those kinds of visits to the prince's chambers are among the most despised expereinces a primogen can suffer through.

That's the most common interaction between primogen and sheriff, though not the most interesting.

The sheriff has his job because he is capable, by use of whatever means, of taking down rogue Kindred. Obviously, Brujah, Gangrel, and now Assamite Kindred are effective in the role of sheriff. The kind of raw power typically found in a sheriff, combined with the position's relative immunity to the Tradition of Destruction, makes the sheriff an ideal tool. If he sends a Kindred to Final Death, it's a relatively simple matter (assuming there are no witnesses) to say that he was put in a position where he had to do so. What better agent could an elderask for? Does the primogen need a mercenary, thug, bounty hunter or hit man? The sheriff is the Kindred to talk to. These extracurricular activies are considered abuses of office and formally frowned upon, but that makes them no less common

Things get stick, however, if the other clans start to notice that the sheriff seems to be doing an awful lot of extra work on behalf of Clan X. It make sthe other primogen wag their fingers at the sheriff (publicly) even as they begin offering him boons by the handful (privately) to do their wet work as well. The primogen council is the body that would normally censure the sheriff for such malfeasance, but if the majority of the primogen are either using the sheriff or hoping to, he doesn't have much motivation to stop what he's doing.

It also works in the sheriff's favor because he's collecting major boons by the bucketful. Everyone wins except for the the Licks who get whacked because they made an enemy of the primogen.

The other common means by which a sheriff might earn boons from priogen is by doing nothing, that is looking the other way while the primogen (or primogen's clan) do something dodgy. If a primogen offers the sheriff a major boon simply to "investigate" some niggling loose thread in an out-of-the-way location for an hour or two, its generally in the sheriff's best interest to do so.

This kind of corruption, once begun, generally runs into a brick wall at some point when someone starts asking too many questions. A sheriff who plays far too loose with his "side job" can easily wind up sending the wrong Lick to final death. Maybe the sheirff offed the harpy's favorite childe or a close ally of a primogen in another city. The wronged party calls for an investigation of the sheriff's evidence and methods. When the archons come snooping around, the sheriff will be forced to call in many of the boons owed to him by the elders just to save his ass.