Clan Views




When primogen disagree, there are a few methods by which she can get her point across or push an issue through.

You May Not Sit

The counsel may decide to block a clan from taking its seat on the counsel, by simply stating that they do not recognize the authority of that person to speak for her clan. The Prince may even do the same.

Resource Wrangling

Resources held by clans can be used to against others. The brujah may block access to certain institutions or feeding grounds that fall in his turf. On the flipside, primogen may point out shortcomings of other clans to manage their own resources, if masquerade breaches and other unsavory things are constantly occuring in the Brujah's territory, the Ventrue may suggest that someone else should take over, present it for a vote which could result in the loss and gain of resources.


This method is used to either force the counsel's attention on a topic, by not letting it go, or to prolong the discussion and thereby prevent a vote over a particularly tricky topic. Kindred only have the night hours to make a decisioin, and a clever primogen can be long winded enough to prevent the vote from occurring at all...perhaps so he or she can regroup or consult with her clan on the subject, or just to get things done before a decision is made. For instance, if the primogen are considering granting turf rights to an industrial district, a primogen may use filibustering to waylay the votes, so that she can gather her interests or present a better case for the acquisition of the territory.

That Old Gang-up of Mine

Primogen may coalesce together to thwart a movement by either the primogen or the prince. A proposition that goes to vote may be struck down with finality if a bloc on the primogen has decided (usually prior to the meeting) to block the proposition. This method may require some politicking on the primogen's part, to ensure the gang-up is successful.

Social Maneuvers

A favored technique among toreador and ventrue, it involves getting harpy cooperation to watch a primogen closely, pointing out shortcomings that result in a loss of status. Primogen with low status will not have a strong influence over the council or even over their own clans.