Revenant familes were bred over many generations to serve the sabbat. They are not quite human, somewhere between human and vampire, they exist outside of society's norms. Some worship vampires as Gods, some aspire to acheive that state themselves.

Revenants are divided into families, and like Vampire clans, each family has particular roles to play, specific disciplines and weaknesses. These humans were bred over many generations, and genetically they are quite different from the average human. The aging process is slowed (but not halted as in traditional ghouls). A hundred year old revenant may appear to be in their twenties. Also many of the family's philosophies are indoctrinated into them from an early age, some revenant families even follow Paths of Enlightenment (or Roads). The personality of the average revenant is often freakish and alien by society's standards, and inbreeding is not uncommon.

Revenants produce their own blood pools at the rate of 1 pt per day.
They cannot use this blood to form bonds, created ghouls, or make vampires.



Brutish monsters that usually serve the Tzimisce, they are fighters and trackers, and rarely engage in finer social events. Most Bratovitch know little about humanity and follow Paths or Roads
Disciplines: Animalism, Potence, Vicissitude
Weakness: +2 diff to resist frenzy


These revanants spend their time in society and social atmospheres, they maintain a facade of normalcy and often act aas go betweens between the sabbat and areas of mortal influence.
Disciplines: Celerity, dominate, fortitude
Weakness: Bonded to bishops or archbishops


Scholars of the sabbat, they spend much of their time researching the occult.
Disciplines: Auspex, Obfuscate, Vicissitude
Weakness: Derangement (Obsessive)


Decadent and wealthy, these revenants pursue their own pleasures, most of them Follow the Path of Cathari.
Disciplines: Auspex, Presence, Vicissitude
Weakness: May become obsessed to pleasure and sensation, easily addicted


Though they once served the Tzimisce, this family now serves the Tremere. They are very talented with mechanical devices, and many tremere have the Ducheski maintain their libraries and laboratories.
Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy
Weakness: Inbreeding has caused some birth and personality defects. No Ducheski can have a social trait above 2.


Witches and practitioners of magic, they once served the Black Hand. With the Black Hand's destruction the family remained independent, preferring to carve their own destinies.
Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Thaumaturgy
Weakness: Rafastio cannot be embraced, attempted embrace will result in death. Furthermore, they are cursed with a type of Lunacy which causes discipline difficulties to vary with the moon's cycles.