Setite Rituals (from the lost files of Cyrano Mellios)


Blessing of Bast (Level 1 Setite Sorcery Ritual)

This ritual, desgined to make seducing other Vampires easier, finds much use within the Followers of Set. With but a sip of this potion, the vampire gains the ability to have and enjoy sexual intercorse without the spending of blood. This ritual had a price however, in that the casters blood point is still active in the potion, binding the drinker.

System: The caster must have feed no longer then 3 hours prior to making this potion, and must have fed during the act of sex. The player spend a blood point, which goes into the potion along with the morning dew from a rose and a bit of burnt papyrus with the word "lust" written in the casters native tounge.He then rolls Wits+occult. For each success scored on this roll, the target may enjoy and have sexual intercorse for one hour without the spending of blood.


Scarab Swarm (Level 1 Setite Ritual)

Upon concentrating the caster summons forth hundreds of scarabs, crawling from out of the walls and floor, moving across a given area and devouring all dead flesh/bone/muscle/organs within leaving only clothes and personal effects. After they swarm back over and into the various crevices and cracks they exited from.

SYSTEM: The Setite spends 1 bp to entice the Scarabs and concentrates on the area he wants "cleaned". He then makes a simple int+occult roll. Success allows the area to be cleaned, where as failure just fails to summon the scarabs. A botch sends them mad, crawling over the living and dead alike and causing an uncontroled panic

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