Snippets of Setite History

April 8, 2001


I appologize for not informing you of the local situation sooner. I feel that my inability to do this has caused a deal of strife. An agent of yours was sent to the Snake Pit club in Centerville, Illinois apparently to become the new manager after the death of my Sire, Cyrano Mellios. Due to the miscommunication, the agent, one Tyrone, was destroyed in what seemed to security to be a hostile takeover of the club. No identification or proof of agency was provided by Tyrone to the management staff at the time, which is primarily what caused the confrontation. The manager on duty, one Dean DeVale, has been docked 3 months wages for the incident. I appologize that it isn't more severe, but he's currently useful as a information front in this area, along as a business front for any purposes.

The area the Pit operates in is a dangerous one, so please inform any other agents you send to provide proper identification (a code worked out between us prior to each agent's arrival should be more than sufficient) before throwing their weight around at the club. If proper channels are adhered to, they will be accomodated and provided for to the best of our ability.

Sincerely, Anton "Khemi" Wallace childe of Cyrano Mellios (deceased) childe of Rahotep




The Snake Pit

Entry 12.2: Underneath the Snake Pit lies a Setite Temple, the Strip club is just a cover for the temple. Problems have occurred at this location, due to its nearness to the the Sabbat territory, and camarilla territory. Though claiming itself neutral, the setites have seen their fair share of war at its "neutral" area. Sabbat and Camarilla do sometimes mingle there, and its often not very friendly. Past Setites have tried to maintain the neutral zone, but it has proven very difficult. With the death of the previous owners, it is to be considered very hostile. Current Kindred in charge at the Snake pit are Anton, and Dean. Dean's allegiances remain unknown.

Entry 12.3: Due to the loss of control of setite influence over the temple under the "Snake Pit", Hesha Ruhadze, who was the locations original benefactor reclaimed the area. Though such reclamation consisted of its destruction. Temple and Strip Club located above ground are now dust.

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