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Routinely provides useful ideas when participating in discussions. A definite leader. When you speak, people listen. In fact, they often stop what they're doing just to listen to your words of wisdom.

(See Solange)


Usually provides useful ideas in discussion. Others pay attention when you speak if its convenient. Mostly your ideas are taken into consideration, but not to any great degree.

(See Urchin)

. If you talk, people either don't even notice you're speaking or outright laugh at what you have to say. Sometimes an open-mouthed look of shock happens when you offer advice or solution, people think you're incredibly naive or incredibly stupid.

(See Aubrey)


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Actively looks for and suggests solutions to problems. You usually know what you're talking about.

(See Peter)

Refines solutions suggested by others. Offers insights or builds upon the insights of others. You can go with the flow, but will occassionally point out some potential problems with that flow.

(See Dean)

Every solution someone suggests, you're right there to tell them how stupid it is. You rarely offer any useful solutions of your own.

(See Mallory)



You can gently point out potential problems with statements, mindful of status and etiquette. Criticisms are subtle and appropriate. You bring out the best in yourself and in others and point out the worst without garnering the hate of others.

(See Solange)

Points out potential problems and is usually mindful of status. People can listen to your cricticms without becoming immediately defensive.

(See Merle)

Generally regarded as a negative-nelly, when you have a problem with someone or something, you will rant and rave without regard to status or manners. Immediately raising hackles of others, or provoking frenzy.

(see Mallory)


If there's a party, meeting or gathering, you're there. You are a household name among ain't a party without you. Everyone knows who you are.

(See Bridget)

You show up here and there at some of the gatherings, people might think you a wallflower though. Most people know your name.

(See Claire)

Who are you? You've been here how long? No one knows and no one cares.

(see Pavel)


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When you walk in, people notice you - in a good way. No one would ever say "What is she wearing, oh my god". Generally you carry yourself with dignity and decorum.

(See Bridget)

For the most part, you don't stand out, or in. You generally do fit in, and people are more content to ignore you or give you passing attention.

(See Merle)

When you walk into a place, everyone does a double take, is it what you're wearing, how you're speaking, or the fact that you hawked a loogie in the ashtray of elysium. You don't care about standards or fashion, you're all about being a rebel. No smoking in elysium - fuckit, you'll do what you want

(See Hettar)


Related skills


You do things for the good of clan and sect. Offer your resources and assistance in any way you can. If someone does something wrong, you are bold and specific with your charges and quick to suggest ways of fixing it.

(See Wade)

A neutral, though you might help out if it was convenient to do so, you certainly wouldn't act against clan and sect. You might secretly tattle on others.

(See Urchin)

You are often acting out, breaking rules, and making messes for other people to clean up. People sometimes avoid you, just so they don't get accused of being involved in your shenanigans.

(See Manuel)