Combination Disciplines


Denial of Aphrodite's Favor (Dominate 3, Fortitude 3, 20 xp)

Developed centuries ago, this power protects the Ventrue from skills at which they and the Toreador excel. While the powers of Presence may be more subtle than those of Dominate, they are no less effective. Denial of Aphrodites's Favor allows the Ventrue to protect himself from emotional manipulat him against Dominate.

System: Once learned, this power negates the effects of Presence levels one through three used by any Kindred of higher generation than the Kindred. Thus, a ninth-generation Ventrue would be unaffected by a 12th-generation Kindred attempting to use Dread Gaze upon her.


Lifesong (Dominate 1, Presence 1, 4 xp)

This power allows the Ventrue to assess any single statement made by the subject and look for the essence of that subject's being beneath the words she speaks. The Ventrue needs to speak no words himself, he simply interprets the statement offered to him

System: The player makes an Intelligence + Empathy roll (difficulty equal to the subject's Manipulation + Expression) With even a single success, the Ventrue determines the subject's demeanor from the statement, finding pround meaning in the most common utterances. This power only works upon living creatures - Kindred lack the spark of life that colors the words they speak.


Aura of Inescapable Truth (Dominate 4, Presence 4, 21 experience points)

A vampire with this power can ensure that only truth is spoken in his presence. All beings who speak within earshot of the Cainite are incapable of telling a deliberate untruth while this power is active. Those who attempt to tell a lie will choke on their own words, unable to speak. Those affected by this power may impart mistaken information if they are not aware that they are not telling the truth.

Use of this power it obvious to all whom it affects, and it in no way restricts them from leaving the area of effect. Once a target is no longer in the presence of the vampire, she is no longer affected.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Leadership with the difficulty equal to the highest Willpower score among all the targets being affected. The player must also expend one point of Willpower for every three, or fraction of three targets. If Aura of Inescapable Truth is used on Cainites, it affects only those of lesser generation than its user, as with other uses of Dominate.

1 success - The next statement must be truthful
2 successes - Those affected must speak the truth for the next full minute
3 successes - Those affected must speak the truth for the next 10 minutes
4 successes - Those affected must speak the truth for the remainder of the scene
5 or more successes - Those affected must speak the truth for as long as they stay in the user's presence.