Ventrue Clan Organization

The Directorate

A body of 12 (maybe) elder Ventrue. Also known by an older title - Ephorate . The ephors establish precedent in matters of "clan policy". They manage several clanwide endeavors and clan holdings, and can act as a guiding council or lending institution. The ephors are also responsible for choosing the clan's representative to the inner circle. The ephorate can also arbitrate intra-clan disputes, but only when a dispute can have far reaching complications or ramifications. The directorate also serves as guidance council or lending institution. The ephors also preside over trials that involve law breaking among the ventrue (though rare).

The dictorate's most important function is not so easily quantified, they set the tone for the entire clan. Their philosphies, leadership styles, and political stances are discussed and debated through the ranks, therefore influencing the majority of the Ventrue to some degree. The have influence and contacts everywhere and their combined power rivals that of major governments. The fact that few Ventrue even know who sits on council makes their power all the more fearsome.

The Elders (Stragetgoi)

These figures are much more public than the ephors and usually garner their ranks from primogen and princes. They are "honorary" generals of Clan Ventrue, and are charged with carrying out the policies that the ephors hand down. They may be the only Kindred to have direct face-to-face contact with the ephors. From night to night, the strategos oversees Ventrue business and political affairs in his region, in addition to tending to his own needs and dignitas. While they have no official power over Princes, they do that the Ephorate's weight and influence behind them. All in allthe, the strategos' powers are somewhat analogous to those of a Camarilla Justicar, but only in extending to Clan Ventrue.

Troubleshooters (Lictors)

The strategoi rarely dirty their hands with detail work, and often assign these tasks to Lictors. Individual lictors tend to specialize in particular types of problems: finance, diplomacy... When a Ventrue elder or consortium has troubles that it cannot effectively handle on its own (something they don't usually admit), it only takes one esteemed Ventrue to call in a Lictor. The lictor's presence as a representative of the strategoi, and hence the ephors, lends a certain cachet that can help rally the other clan members to solve the problem.

The title of Lictor is much prized, especially among younger kindred who seek a way to raise their dignitas. More than one lictor has stepped into a city full of warring Ventrue and would up assuming the title prince when all was said and done. Likewise, a lictor is on a slow-but-sure path toward the ranks of teh strategoi or even the Directorate.

Agents at Large (Tribunes)

The ephorate maintains a losse network of contacts and filed operatives around the world which are referred to as both tribunes and agents at large. The serve as the ephors' eyes and ears in the Camarilla. They have no official power or duties and they do not often acknowledge the title publicly. Their duties include passing along messages and assisting Lictors.

The Peerage

The peerage is a loose but recognized body of Ventrue who have accumulated a minor degree of esteem within the Camarilla or the Ventrue social heirarchy. As a group, the peerage exists to further the Ventrue traditions and the concept of dignitas - nothing more. The peerage is more of a social register, a club of Ventrue with impeccably clean reputations. Still the Ventrue place great value on such things - it allows them to set themselves apart from the uncouth among their ranks.

City Titles

Lately, it has become fashionable to refer to the clan organization within a given city as if it were a corporation and assign various business-inspired titles to individual Ventrue. Local assemblies of Ventrue are known as consortiums, some elders use this term in place of the word "coterie" when speaking of cells of young Ventrue.

The Board (Gerousia)

The Gerousia (loosely translated at council of elders) or Board effectively adjudicates Ventrue concerns in the city. It usually consists of the eldest, most experienced Kindred in the given locallity. If the city has a Ventrue prince, he or she likely sits as the head of the Gerousia. Otherwise, the clan primogen or other highest-ranking camarilla title holder rules the council. One joins the council only by invitation and majority approval by the sitting members. Once a Ventrue ascends to the Gerousia's ranks, he cannot be removed except under the most dire of circumstance (as determined by the clan ephors)

In a corporate capacity, the Geousia oversees Ventrue business and political interests within the city, much like a holding company. Indeed, some Boards do incorporate under just such missions. As a general rule, Ventreu do not compete directly with one another for the same contacts and resources. The Gerousia acts as arbiter of any any local conflicts of interest that might arise. If it so chooses, the council can demand that a clan member cease his or her efforts in a particular area, and it can enforce the demand as it sees fit.

The Gerousia holds two types of meetings. Monthly clanwide meetings are usually held the first Tuesday of the month. Every Ventrue in the city should attend these conferences, because the clan discusses new and old business, hears complaints and reports, and the Gerousia passes down messages, edicts or announcements from the upper reaches of the clan heirarchy. The Gerousia also holds priular basis as needed.

Despite the honor and dignitas associated with serving on the Gerousia, the council has very little formal power. It cannot order other Ventrue within the city to do anything. Rather, it can, but but it has no capacity to directly punish those who disobey. Indrect punishments abound however. Those who go against the Board's wishes find themselves outcast - and greating the sunrise in the most extreme cases. Without the Board's protection, other Ventrue can and will assault the anathema Kindred's financial and political holdings. Peer pressure is the Board's greatest weapon, and Board members weild it almost dictatorially

Managers (Praetors) - The highest Ventrue rank within a city's heirarchy, likely the primogen or prince of the city.

Supervisors (Aediles) - Directly below the Manager. Duties include keeping tabs on lower ranking members, delivering messages or orders, acting as spokesperson, managing details

Foremen (Questors) - One rank above the common Ventrue, assist higher ranking Ventrue by performing basic tasks that keep investments running smoothly

Associates (Eiren) - The word "eiran" comes from the spartan word for "inexperienced youth", though they have little respect, they also have few responsibilities.