Anger is impolitic. Impoliteness is a sin. Always retain composure.

Greetings and Casual Conversation

  • Always address another Kindred by his title, if he has one. If he has multiple titles address him by Camarilla title rather than clan title in mixed company. A Ventrue with no title is addressed by his surname (e.g. Mr. Rubins)
  • Shake a man's hand, kiss a woman's. Women should simply let their hands be kissed by men and kiss fellow women on the right cheek.
  • Defer to your elders in all things. Wait for them to acknowledge you before speaking.
  • Never interrupt another clanmate while he speaks, even if you are his elder.
  • Never take offense when an elder interrupts you, even if it is rude.
  • Always look into an elder's eyes when speaking of listening to him. Doing so shows not only interest, but trust that he will not use the gifts of Caine upon you.
  • Personal affairs and business interests are best left as just that - personal- unless a Kindred opens the discussion himself.
  • Other Kindred are not nearly so interested in your personal achievements as you think they should be. Crowing shows crassness.
  • Do not raise your voice, use expletives or otherwise debase the discourse.
  • That said, avoid conversation on the moder "Internet"
  • A Ventrue's blood preferences are a private matter. One never asks.

Public Appearances

  • Ventrue must always dress and comport themselves with the utmost diginity in public, no matter the time of night or the situation.
  • One should never disagree with one's elder in public, especially when lesser Kindred are about.
  • Following that, one should never disagree with one's equals or juniors in public either. Always show the world a united front.
  • Never speak of clan business to outsiders, under any circumstance
  • Treat other Camarilla Kindred, no matter their clan, with as much respect as you would expect them to show you. Do not sink to their level, or allow yourself to be baited into exchanging taunts with a rapscallion or anything else so unseemly.


  • Do not enforce your will or charms upon another member of Clan Ventrue unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • If the fellow Ventreu in question is in good standing with his peers, it is hard to conceive of a time when it would be absolutely necessary.
  • Eavesdropping upon another's thoughts, defling their memories or toying with their emotions are all quite rude, but sometimes necessary if one's subject is not a Ventrue.
  • Should an elder demand access to your mind and he is within his rights to do so, do not resist.
  • Only a prince, justica, praetor or strategos is every within his rights to demand access to your mind.


  • Come to a Ventrue's aid when he asks. This is the Ethic of Succor is inviolable
  • Never begrudge or besmirch a clanmate who asks for aid. It is his right, and your duty.
  • Never call for aid unless you actually need it. Esteemed Kindred have little tolerance for wasting time.
  • One does not remind another of his previous request for succor in casual conversation
  • Remember that you, too, might be in need of your clan's assistance one night, and act accordingly.